Don't Worry About Asbestos Affecting Your Health

Rely on us for professional asbestos removal services in Seattle, WA

Homes built between 1930 and 1980 are more likely to have asbestos materials, such as insulation or pipework. Asbestos can cause major health conditions when inhaled or touched. Leave asbestos removal to the professionals at DHC Asbestos Removal.

We serve homeowners and business owners throughout Seattle, WA who need asbestos removal services. To learn more, reach out to us now.

Signs that your home may have asbestos

There are a few details to consider when determining whether your home has asbestos. You'll likely need asbestos removal services if:

  • Your home was built before the early 1980s
  • Your home has vermiculite insulation
  • You have older vinyl flooring or millboard
  • Your house has corrugated roofing

If you suspect asbestos in your home, call us before you start knocking down walls for a remodel. Contact us today to arrange for the asbestos removal services you need in Seattle, WA.

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